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Hi there you! Good to see you again.

Here, I would like to share stories, thoughts and things I learn along the way. Call it a blog if you would like, but I just want to tell you stories the way I know how.

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Hi, Nade here!

Me smiling

I love travelling, seeing the silly in most things, listening to great music and reading a lot. 

Rio Chillar - Nerja

Hiking the Chiller River

The south of Spain is one of my favourite places in the world. It has so much to offer! We absolutely loved our little hiking trip up the Chiller. We didn't expect it to get so deep, so if you are heading over there, I recommend wearing shorts!

Parthenon & Mount Lycabettus

Posing in Athens

Ok, so this picture is the best of a bad bunch. We tried our best to do what those influencers do. Athens is quite the tourist trap! But, we headed down to Athens at the end of September, going into October and the crowded had died down. The weather is also perfect, warm - not too hot!

Matera - Basilicata

South Italy - Beautiful

I will always have a soft spot for Italy, especially Puglia (the heel of the boot) - But heading over to Basilicata, this beautiful town of Matera is just stunning and not yet ruined by too many tourist!