Mount Vesuvio - 17th June 2018

We went up Mount Vesuvio today!


This volcano is quite a famous one for ruining the cities of Pompei, Herculaneum and other smaller towns and villages that were nearby in the year 79 AD and it is still active today!


Little fact for you, (yep I got it from Wikipedia before I climbed it)  it is regarded as one of the MOST DANGEROUS volcanoes in the world because of the population of 3,000,000 people living on its door step! If it goes off again, I would hate to think! But, why would that many people think "oh I don't mind living next to a live volcano that can blow me away at any minute! I am totally fine with it!"  I really have no idea.

All that said, how much of a daredevil am I climbing up it? I know, I know!

We got local transport for €3.60 and it took us right up to the entrance of the park, absolute bargain! The bus offers you a windy trip to the top, so if you get sea sick (motion sickness) like I do, make sure you prepare! But, the views that you will see as you are on the way to the top are just spectacular! Check this out, 


The tourism guides (liars) in the town will try to grab you and try to pull you into the shop (no not physically, but with their Italian, flirty charm) every 20 meters and they will tell you that the local bus is such a bad idea!

They will go on and on about how it goes around all small towns before heading toward the volcano (it does not) and that it doesn’t take you right to the entrance (it does). They will also tell you that it will be packed with locals and tourists (it was a coach and there were 8 people on there with us) all those lies to get you to pay €20 and have a 2 hour trip - Just pay €3,60 to ride straight up to the entrance and come back when you are ready!!!

Here we are, at the top! I was a bit of a sweaty mess when we got to the top because it is a bit of a treck, coupled with the Italian summer, bad choice of clothing and the wonderful humidity up in the clouds.

I have never been up a volcano before, so it was definitely something new for me! It does give off this majestic ambience that I cannot explain. Being up in the clouds, feeling the thinner air, everything is just that little quieter and seeing the steam coming from the centre of the volcano, knowing that it alive, it is definitely something you need to go and experience for yourself. Right, off you go then!


See you next time for a mini adventure!

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