Nade's Mini Adventures

We will be passing through so many beautiful cities and towns soon! I will be writing lots of posts on the way, so you can check that out on my blog. Here, I hope to give you some little snippets of the places we see along the way!  

Think of it as a diary of mini adventures!

The Prague Experience 21st October

Pre Arrival  

We experienced quite the opposite in our time there. The city is so big you certainly can’t visit it all in a day and a few days wouldn’t be enough either if you would like to visit Prague…

Un Giro A Monopoli - 9th July

I have a massive soft spot for this town! Every time we are visiting Giuseppe's family, we always head on down to Monopoli to go for 'un giro' - If you have no Idea what I am talking about when…

A Turist In Turi - 5th July

Turi is a small town in the south of Italy. It is the home of my lovely boyfriend, Giuseppe. We spend anything from a few weeks to a month each year in Turi, but surprisingly, we have never ventured into…

Visiting Paestum - 20th June 2018

Today was a first for me. For the first time, I witnessed ancient Greek ruins. Admittedly, I have never been to Greece, so that doesn't help. But, there was something so indescribable about the atmosphere.


We visited Paestum,…

Mount Vesuvio - 17th June 2018

We went up Mount Vesuvio today!


This volcano is quite a famous one for ruining the cities of Pompei, Herculaneum and other smaller towns and villages that were nearby in the year 79 AD and it is still…

Day In Lincoln - 6th June 2018

I think I have visited quite a lot of the UK having grown up here, but Giuseppe is still discovering my beautiful country.

I had been raving about visiting Lincoln to him for years after visiting the Lincoln