About Me

Quick Snippets:

  • Fond of: silliness, learning languages, books and working out in different gyms around the world.
  • Love: Travelling, watching Friends, photography, food, music, dance and FREEDOM
  • Dislike: People with no manners, organised fun, offices and coriander (cilantro) it is evil!

A More Detailed Snippet:

I don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘normal’. Let's say that I came from humble beginnings. The play outside, grounded for talking back and eating mud pies kind of beginnings.

I grew up in a small town, in South Yorkshire. Home life consisted of fighting with my siblings (my poor parents had 5 children driving them crazy), thousands of bad haircuts because my mother believed ‘one more snip will make it straight’ and the ‘hand me down fashion’ where any colours or patterns worked. I won’t forget getting creative with leftover cereal boxes and yoghurt pots, building dens and falling out of trees, then breaking something and blaming it on my brother.

I love telling stories and writing them exactly how I would like to! I usually (always) fall off topic to tell you something that I just remembered but, don't worry, I'll back to the point eventually.